Our experienced pedagogues support the children in the MaxiClub, in their last or previous (born in Spetember until February) to last kindergarten year.

There are additional activities where children can work on projects two times a week. Due to the small group size, it is possible to focus better on the needs of every single child. It is our goal to let our children enter school life in a „strong“ manner. It is important to us that they gain the everyday competences so they can master everyday school life in an independent and self-confident way.

In addition to the MaxiClub, there is an area in every group, which is dedicated to this children. Age appropriate games and other materials are available there. The teachers in the groups are motivating the children to freely work without any pressure.

Why there is the MaxiClub in our Kindergarten Schmetterling?

  • Standardized support for children in the last year of kindergarten
  • Preparation for school
  • Focus on the promotion and development of practical and social skills
  • Art and craft skills
  • Promotion of language skills in German and English language
  • Compensation of deficits in practical areas

Why there is the MaxiClub in our Kindergarten Schmetterling?