Daily routine

7:00 o’clock: The day begins. The Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna opens.

9:00 o’clock: The pedagogical program: the children’s needs and interests are acted upon within each group for example, during the morning circle and the curriculum is discussed and agreed upon. Individual activities begin as well.

Every child should be in his/her group at this time. A freshly prepared snack (fruit, fresh bread with spread, vegetables or cheese, cereal, pureed fruit …) is served and eaten together. Sometimes the snack time is more flexible, meaning that the children can decide themselves if and when they want to sit down and eat something.

10:00 o’clock: If there is enough time, the children can go outside in the garden or go on a walk. The parks and surrounding nature nearby are perfect for this.

11:30 / 12:00 o’clock: The freshly prepared lunch is served or the children take the food themselves (independence education). All children sit together at the table and each child eats independently with cutlery. We place particular emphasis on a healthy and balanced diet. We have developed a special kindergarten kitchen concept for this purpose.

12:30 to 2:30 o’clock: After lunch a “resting period” takes place in each group. The period lasts two hours in the toddler groups and sometimes in the family groups as well, in which the children who still take naps sleep during this time. Those who do not wish to sleep can rest for a bit or quietly keep themselves occupied. In the kindergarten groups the period lasts only half an hour.

2:30 to 3:00 o’clock: For the afternoon snack, the children receive a similar variation of what is also offered in the morning (fruit, bread, etc…).

In the afternoon further activities take place (i.e. circle time) or the children have free time, where they can decide independently what they would like to play. At this time additional courses – the Schmetterling Courses – are offered as well. These include music, ballet, yoga, cooking, language courses and many more.

5:30/6:00 o’clock (on Fridays 4:00/5:00 o’clock): The locations in Neustift, Heiligenstadt and Dornbach close at 5:30pm Mondays-Thursdays and at 4:00pm on Fridays. The location in Heumarkt closes at 6:00pm Mondays-Thursdays and at 5:00pm on Fridays.

The times given are guidelines. The daily schedule can be changed by the teacher in charge of the group in the short or long term, depending on the type of group and/or the needs of the children.