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Bilingual Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
International kindergarten With children from over forty
nations we pride ourselves on
the colourful diversity of
our kindergarten.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Our pedagogical experience We provide a traditional
pedagogical environment while
including modern elements of the Viennese education curriculum.
Our kitchen in the Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Daily fresh cuisine Our meals provides a
balanced diet for your child.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
We foster a bilingual environment There are three members of
our staff in each group who speak
English or German.
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our kitchen Eating consciously experience - the children learn in kindergarten Schmetterling!

Our staff consists of trained cooks who give great importance to the origin of the ingredients, health and preparation. In particular, our healthy snack is very popular and is an essential contribution to the well-being, physical and mental endurance and development of the children.

What distinguishes our kindergarten kitchen?

... Homemade food

... healthy snacks

... Regional products

... A balanced seasonal menu

... No mixed food

... fresh herbs

... Austrian cuisine and traditional food desserts

The schmertterling kitchen contains no artificial ingredients and chemicals. When purchasing our food we pay close attention to organic and seasonal foods that are sutable. We protect our children from pesticides and antibiotics, which are now present in many foods and can be the cause of diseases and allergies. Jam, tomato sauce, dumplings, soups and many other dishes we make in our house!

We know where our food comes from !
And we convey this to the children in our kindergarten. Food is an important part in the educational development of children. The healthy snack or lunch we use for regular presentations of selected foods and their ingredients. In our educational garden for herbs, tomatoes and other vegetables , the children can comprehend with all the senses , where our food comes from and get a very different relation to their food. Thus, the healthy snack in kindergarten tastes even better !

If you want to learn more about the meals or healthy snacks, you are welcome to contact us personally and get to know us !

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