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Bilingual Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
International kindergarten With children from over forty
nations we pride ourselves on
the colourful diversity of
our kindergarten.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Our pedagogical experience We provide a traditional
pedagogical environment while
including modern elements of the Viennese education curriculum.
Our kitchen in the Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Daily fresh cuisine Our meals provides a
balanced diet for your child.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
We foster a bilingual environment There are three members of
our staff in each group who speak
English or German.
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Welcome to the Kindergarten Schmetterling Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna

Welcome to the schmetterling – on the following pages you will get to know the kindergarten and the day care center.

The rabbits, dolphins, hedgehogs, rainbow, stars, bees, bears, fish, flowers, dragons, penguins, cats and mice will take you into their world!

The story of the Schmetterling -               Private Kindergarten in Vienna

The private kindergarten Schmetterling was founded in Vienna in 2002 by Ms. Monika Dorn with a kindergarten group. In 2003, Ms. Dorn moved to Neustift am Walde to develop the Montessori Kindergarten project. Today the private kindergarten is operated by the second generation of the Dorn  family and her team. The current fourteen groups are housed in two modern locations in Neustift am Walde and Heiligenstadt, Vienna.

Individual child care from qualified padagogs

The team from the private kindergarten Schmetterling, puts the children at the center of their efforts! The children are supervised on full-time basis   in German and English. The motor skills of children are supported daily in large group rooms, in extra movement space and in generous gardens. In addition to the group teachers who have a variety of additional training as Montessori, sensory integration; a special education teacher, a psychologist and a speech therapist provide additional supervision for optimal development requirements. A daily freshly prepared balanced and healthy cuisine, completes the offer in our private kindergarten in Vienna.

Team-oriented action and personal relationships (internal and external) creates a climate of openness and trust and allow direct communication about all issues of the day. Cosmopolitanism and internationalism help us to look after children from over 40 countries and thus contribute to the shaping of this world.

If you want to learn more about our principles and work, then please contact our Private Kindergarten in Vienna personally.