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Bilingual Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
International kindergarten With children from over forty
nations we pride ourselves on
the colourful diversity of
our kindergarten.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Our pedagogical experience We provide a traditional
pedagogical environment while
including modern elements of the Viennese education curriculum.
Our kitchen in the Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Daily fresh cuisine Our meals provides a
balanced diet for your child.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
We foster a bilingual environment There are three members of
our staff in each group who speak
English or German.
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our concept Pedagogy and daily routine

As a Montessori kindergarten, we focus on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori as well as the modern elements of the Vienna education curriculum.

An appreciative attitude is important to us. Each child has its own rhythm and their own access to materials and people. We accompany the children through their early years and allow them to access many areas of life.

We go with the parents in an educational partnership. This means that we work together very closely.

A regular exchange of information/advice from the parents is essential for the Montessori kindergarten, because we cannot and do not want to replace the parental education being thought to the children’s. We work only in a supporting role with the parents.

The needs of the child are always our priority!

What makes the Montessori kindergarten in Vienna so special?

  • High caseload: In our Montessori kindergarten we have certified staffs that care about the children work.
  • Independency education to Montessori: The children may and should make same so much as possible in the kindergarten. They come from the external order to the internal order. The children are supported by help to the self-control and can orientate themselves.
  • Individuality: The Montessori methods have no combined must, but rather individual support according to the level of development.
  • Material: Many things in our Montessori kindergarten are self-made from wood. Through the hands of the kids comes knowledge and understanding. As a result, a prepared environment is very important.
  • Performance: We teach and show in form of presentation. Therefore, the children are able to learn from this model. Each material being performed helps the children to better understand things. We try not to use many words because we want the children to developed their imagination, knowledge, understanding and must of all their creativity.
  • Bilingualism: We have a bilingual program and our English assistants offer the English language full time.
  • Food: We make connections between good nutrition’s by making fresh home-cooked food (organic, regional, and seasonal).
  • Modern furniture / high standards: The spacious and bright playrooms provide the finest and most exciting environment for the children. The bathrooms are structure into groups and the toilets range from different sizes and therefore, they are very attractive to the kids for potty training.
  • Closing days: The Montessori kindergarten Schmetterling is closed from 24 December to 1 January, Monday, Thursday, Good Friday and in the last week of August.

The daily routine in the Montessori kindergarten Schmetterling:

  • 7 O Clock: The Montessori kindergarten in Vienna opens.
  • 9 O Clock: The educational program: educational content as suitable for year focus are taken up within the group, such as in the morning circle. Every child should be in his group at that time. There is a freshly made fruit snack or a sliding snack. This means that the children are free to choose when they want to sit down at the breakfast table.
  • 10 O Clock: If there is sufficient time, the children are able to go to the garden or take a walk at the parks to enjoy nature, relax and have fun!
  • 11:30 / 12 O Clock: Lunch Time: Lunch is prepared from fresh ingredients every day!  We give great importance to a healthy, fun and balanced diet. We have developed a special kindergarten kitchen concept.
  • 12.30 till 14.30 O Clock: After lunch all groups have a rest period. Every group takes a 2-hour nap. Children, who do not want to sleep, are able to sit at the table quietly. In the kindergarten and pre-school group, the resting phase is adjusted with a half an hour.
  • 14:30 till 15 O Clock: Snack Time: the children receive bread, ham, and a variety of vegetables.
  • In the afternoon the children can play free by interacting with other kids or by doing different kinds of fun activities.
  • 17:30 and on Friday at 16.00 clock: The Montessori kindergarten Schmetterling closes!