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Bilingual Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
International kindergarten With children from over forty
nations we pride ourselves on
the colourful diversity of
our kindergarten.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Our pedagogical experience We provide a traditional
pedagogical environment while
including modern elements of the Viennese education curriculum.
Our kitchen in the Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
Daily fresh cuisine Our meals provides a
balanced diet for your child.
Montessori-Kindergarten Schmetterling in Vienna
We foster a bilingual environment There are three members of
our staff in each group who speak
English or German.
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bilingual Kindergarten Playfully learning English and German

As a bilingual kindergarten it is important to us that the English language be seen as a important key component . The teachers works their program in English and are supported by their assistants .

We carry a special focus for languages as a bilingual kindergarten because we care for the individual communication. Weather the child need is it to learn English or is it to learn German because child is non- German. We are here to help evry child developed a multi language knowledge and understanding

Scientifically it is no problem for children to switch between several languages. At an early age every child is known to learn languages faster because their brain is able to capture things more rapidly. The schmetterling kindergarten teaches basic and advanced english to every child depending on their level of understanding. We Never mixed sentences  between two languages ​​- as a bilingual kindergarten , we ensure that this is avoided and try to always communicate with the child in one  of the two languages only .

Our staff in the Group:

  • An educator (German - English)
  • A German AssistentIn (speaks only in German)
  • An English AssistentIn (speaks only English)

Our program as a bilingual kindergarten:

  • English morning circle, poems, clean up song, snack song and many more
  • Small Group Offers in English ( creative activities , reading, Picture Book viewing , educational games , finger games, Flash Cards , etc.)
  • English supplement to the offer of the educator,  all education areas are covered
  • Offer from the educator encourages active participation , eg parts are repeated in English

Our bilingual kindergarten combines many nationalities and languages.

Bilingualism as an asset

What science says:

A bilingual nursery school has a lot to offer , but why is it an advantage for a child to learn a second (or third ) language?

Here, science and research have for decades made thoughts. In a personal interview in our bilingual kindergarten individual questions or concerns can be clarified.

It has been found that "the thought process in bilinguals is different. They have a less standard way of thinking , they are more creative , flexible and open . The thinking style determines how you approach a problem and how to solve it. [ ... ] Studies [...] assume that someone who has for one and the same object two or more terms, a more original and more flexible system of thought is built. Due to the fact that bilinguals have multiple words for one term, they also have access to a wider range of meanings associated with it. "

Originally Posted by Abdelilah -Bauer, 2008, pp. 47f